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TSSTDllVerInfo.RetResourceFileFlags Method
Retrieves a binary value that consists of a set of bit flags from the resources of an executable. Each of the flags represents one of various version, compilation, and build attributes.
Protected (i.e. the method can only be accessed from code in a descendant class or the unit it which it is implemented).
Function RetResourceFileFlags() : DWORD;  
Return Values
Returns an unsinged integer that can be one or a combination of the following values.
VS_FF_DEBUG (= 0x00000001) The executable was linked with code that is helpful in debugging.
VS_FF_PRERELEASE (= 0x00000002) The file has not yet been developed to a point in (alt. at) which it can be made available to the (general) public (e.g. an alpha or beta version).
VS_FF_PATCHED (= 0x00000004) In spite of identical version numbers, this file differs from the file with which the product was initially released in that it incorporates minor corrections of the original code.
VS_FF_PRIVATEBUILD (= 0x00000008) The file is a build not destined for release to the general public.
VS_FF_INFOINFERRED (= 0x00000010) Denotes that the version information resrouces were created at run-time, are temporary in nature, and may still be incomplete. This flag should never be set in the VS_FIXEDFILEINFO record of a persistently stored file (e.g. in a file stored on a hard disk or similar storage medium).
VS_FF_SPECIALBUILD (= 0x00000020) Although it has the same version number the file differs in some aspects from the normal release version.
The returned value is not available in form of a separate property.
The function merely returns the "dwFileFlags" member/field of the ResourceFixedFileInfo property.
Unit (Declared and implemented in) SSTNewUnit.pas
Library SSTNewUnit.dcu/SSTNewUnit.obj
Unicode Implemented as ANSI version only.

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