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Developer Reference
TSSTDllVerInfo.RetResourceLanguageId Method
Retrieves the TSSTWinResLanguageId record returned when reading property ResourceLanguageId.
Protected (i.e. the method can only be accessed from code in a descendant class or the unit it which it is implemented).
Function RetResourceLanguageId() : TSSTWinResLanguageId; VIRTUAL;  
Return Values
Returns the TSSTWinResLanguageId record returned by WinApiGetResourceLanguageId. This can be a record in which both members are zero (= 0).
The returned data record is also available in the form of property ResourceLanguageId, and reading the property should be preferred to calling the RetResourceLanguageId function directly.
The function merely calls WinApiGetResourceLanguageId, with property ResourceVersionInfo as the parameter.
The members/fields of the returned record do not provide any indication of success or failure. To ascertain whether or not the data was successfully retrieved, read property LastError immediately after the call.
Unit (Declared and implemented in) SSTNewUnit.pas
Library SSTNewUnit.dcu/SSTNewUnit.obj
Unicode Implemented as ANSI version only.
See Also
TSSTDllVerInfo, ResourceLanguageId, WinApiGetResourceLanguageId, ResourceVersionInfo, LastError, Source Code.
Windows APIs: GetLastError, SetLastError

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