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TSSTDllVerInfo.flasterror Member Variable
Member variable that represents the last error code registered, or explicitly set, by one of the TSSTDllVerInfo class's methods.
Protected (i.e. this member variable can only be accessed from within an instance of TForm1 (or a class derived from it) (alt. or descendant classes).
flasterror : INTEGER;
As a signed 32-bit (4 byte) integer, this variable will accept values in the range from 2147483648 thru (and including) 2147483647.
The value stored in this member variable is also available in form of property LastError, and reading this property should be preferred to referencing the variable directly.
Where possible, method SetLastErrorCode should be used to assign values to this variable. However, in cases in which an error is detected prior to it raising an exception or causing a Windows API function to fail (e.g. an invalid parameter), or in similar circumstances, the error code may also be written directly to flasterror.
Unit (Declared and implemented in) SSTNewUnit.pas
Library SSTNewUnit.dcu/SSTNewUnit.obj
See Also
TSSTDllVerInfo, LastError, SetLastErrorCode, Source Code.
Windows APIs: GetLastError, SetLastError.

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