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(SST)ShlWAPI wnsprintf Function
Currently not supported by (SST) ShlWAPI.pas.
Not applicable (this function is not supported by ShlWAPI.pas).
Function wnsprintf(...) : INTEGER;
See remarks, below.
Return Values
See remarks, below.
This function is not imported by (SST)ShlWAPI.pas due to its C-style open parameter list (not supported by Pascal).
Unit: Not imported by (SST)ShlWAPI.pas
Unicode: Implemented as ANSI (wnsprintfA) and Unicode (wnsprintfW) functions.
Min. ShlWAPI.dll version according to MS SDK doc.: 5.0
Min. ShlWAPI.dll version based on SST research: 5.0
Min. OS version(s) according to Microsoft SDK doc.: Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0 with Internet Explorer 5, Windows 98, Windows 95 with Internet Explorer 5
Min. OS version(s) according to SST research.: Windows NT 4.0 with IE 5, Windows 98, Windows 95 with IE 5, Windows 2000 and later
See Also
Windows APIs: wnsprintf, wvnsprintf, StringCbVPrintf

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