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  Being commercial software manufacturers we are naturally averse to violating copyright laws. Otherwise, we would feel inclined to "borrow" the slogan of a major sporting goods manufacturer (named after a Greek goddess) when asked to describe our basic approach, when confronted with a new idea or project.
Although it would be an adequate description for our flexibility and the eagerness with which we like to achieve our objectives, "just getting it done" would not be a full characterization of our company philosophy, because it does not sufficiently accentuate the methodology we like to apply when addressing a given task, which includes a systematic and analytical approach and a desire to (fully) comprehend the technology we are required to employ.
One reason therefore being that we regard a wide-spread know-how as the prerequisite basis for creativity and innovative solutions, another that we enjoy the process of researching and experimenting, and that this paired with thoroughness, lastly, leads to optimum results for our customers.

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