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  Uncertain whether or not to trust and download/open this file ?
We hope the information on this page is helpful in making that decision. It provides information that identify the file, its publisher/author(s), and signatories. Typically, this information can also be retrieved and viewed by means of opening the file's properties dialog/window or, as in the case of .pdf documents, in the application with which the file is opened.
Thus, the information on this page can be used to determine if the correct/desired file was downloaded (after all, its conceivable that we've made a mistake), the download completed successfully (i.e. the entire file was downloaded), and that the integrity of the file was preserved, prior to, and during network transimission (i.e. the file's contents are still intact).
File name: SSTCompanyProfile2022EnVer1Pt0A4.pdf.
Publisher: SARL Stoelzel Software Technologie.
Language: English.
Paper/page size: DIN/ISO A4 (210 x 297 mm).
File version: 1.0.
File type: Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf).
File Size: 103 KB (105,500 bytes).
Date last modified: Tuesday, February 08, 2022, 19:09:20 Z (UTC *1 *2).
Requirements: An application capable of displaying and/or printing the contents of an Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf) version 1.4 file (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.x or later). Such an application can be obtained for free from Adobe Systems Inc. (

To prevent the undetected adulteration of files that have the potential to threaten the security and integrity of your system, this download was digitally signed.
Although digital signatures cannot prevent the unintentional or intentional corruption of signed files, they are an effective safeguard against the corruption remaining undetected, in that the authenticity and integrity of a file can be easily determined by operating system or third party software, or if need be, manually. The information on this page has been provided for the latter of these cases.
Location of Signature: Page 2 ("Document Information and Copyright Notice ").
Name of Signatory: Dominic Stoelzel.
Signature Algorithm: RSA Data Security, Inc. MD5 (1.2.840.113549.1.1.4)
Date document was signed: 2022/02/08 21:09:15 +02'00'*3.
Reason: Document is released.
Post Signature Modifications: None.
Certificate Issuer: Dominic Stoelzel on behalf of SARL Stoelzel Software Technologie *4.
  (CN = Dominic Stoelzel OU = Management O = SARL Stoelzel Software Technologie (SST) C = FR)
Issued to: Dominic Stoelzel
  (CN = Dominic Stoelzel OU = Management O = SARL Stoelzel Software Technologie (SST) C = FR)
Certificate Serial Number: 2B 9F A3 F8
Valid from: Friday, October 22, 2021 18:59:05
Valid to: Wednesday, October 21, 2026 18:59:05
Public Key: RSA Data Security, Inc. RC4, 1024 bit (128 byte).
30 81 9F 30 0D 06 09 2A 86 48 86 F7 0D 01 01 01
05 00 03 81 8D 00 30 81 89 02 81 81 00 E4 A4 B2
43 51 E8 E7 DF 4F 0F 41 E6 65 AE ED B8 00 2C 2D
E3 BD 9D DB 75 3B F6 54 2E 3A 96 8D 73 62 21 D7
06 DC 56 17 BF 26 3C AA 78 4D A6 98 4D 8E 66 D7
1E D9 6F 5E 9B 36 07 56 0B A0 32 77 E3 A2 AD C6
71 D9 17 5E 67 6C 85 D2 4E 9E 2C B9 9B 4B C8 5A
AF 26 C7 7E 8D 8C 23 33 15 FD 0E 1C 04 52 9E DC
10 57 41 06 C2 DB 0B D8 97 A8 3D C2 6D A6 38 9D
1B 23 6A EF AA 79 37 56 CA EA 8E 52 07 02 03 01
00 01
Key Usage: Digital Signature, Non-Repudiation, Data Encipherment (d0).
Public Key Hash Algorithm: SHA-1 (160 bit = 20 byte).
Public Key Thumbprint *5: 563A 69F3 4835 8BDD 3AD1 6C3C CC85 2F82 C736 32E4
To download and/or open (depending on your browser settings) the .pdf document file described above click the Download button.
*1 UTC is the abbreviation for Universal Time Coordinated (aka Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)). Your application may show this date and time converted into your local date and time or Central European daylight saving time. In this case, you have to add/subtract the number of hours you're ahead or behind of Greenwich time (or 2 hours) to compare it to the dates and times specified on this page.
*2 This is the date and time (without the " Z ...") that would typically be displayed on the first page of the (downloaded) file's properties dialog, if you set your system's time zone to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). In other words: This is the file system timestamp for the time of the last modification.
*3 This is the date and time (in ISO format, which is: yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss) as displayed on the signature properties dialog under Adobe Acrobat Readers from version 8, up to and including, (at least) 11. Unfortunately, this is erroneous in that
1. The date and time specified on this dialog are that of the current, local time (in our case, Central European, daylight saving time, i.e. GMT +02 hours, 00 minutes) and not the UTC (aka GMT), as insinuated by " +02'00' ".
2. " +02'00' " (the ' denoting minutes) stands for "+02 minutes and 00 minutes" and not for +2 hours and 0 minutes, as would be more appropriate, but still incorrect, as this would equate to a local (Central European), daylight saving time of 23:09:15, which would be (nearly) 4 hours after the file system registered the last modification (i.e. wrong).
This is simply sloppiness on the part of Adobe.
If specified correctly in ISO format the date and time of signing should read
2022/02/08 19:09:15 +02:00 (UTC), or in a more user friendly notation
Tuesday, February 08, 2022, 19:09:15 Z (UTC), the "(UTC)" merely emphasizing that Universal Time Coordinated was specified.
*4 Although we are fully aware of the theoretical advantages (and the underlying concepts) of an independent certificate auhtority, we are currently reviewing the effective/practical aspects (reliable non-repudiation being one) of such certificates for .pdf documents. In the meantime, we can only provide a signature based on a self-signed certificate and you will have to decide for yourself whether or not to trust this document.
"CN = Dominic Stoelzel OU = Management O = SARL Stoelzel Software Technologie (SST) C = FR" is the Light Weight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) notation that identifies the signatory, wherein CN stands for Common Name, OU for Organizational Unit, O for Organization, and C for Country.
*5 A thumbprint is identical to/synonymous with a hash and a digest.
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