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  Because we are fully aware of the consequences malware can have for both individuals and businesses, we go to considerable lengths to ensure that the users of our software and the visitors to our website remain as safe as possible. And, in this, we are presumably less inclined than many others, to make compromises. Even if this not only makes many tasks more difficult, but often enough also slower and more tedious.
Unfortunately, due to the nature of connected, computerized systems, even our precautions can not guarantee absolute security. However, we do hope they not only make things harder for us but also for anybody with nefarious intentions.
For obvious reasons we don't want to disclose all the security measures we have taken, nor how we get any work done in spite of them. But, here are some:
Our operating systems are installed by us from sealed, original, and licensed, Microsoft installation media, on freshly wiped*1 computers.
The software development applications used to develop our applications, are always installed from original media, as received from the manufacturers of the software development kits (SDKs).
Our libraries and applications are developed and compiled/built on computers that are not connected to the Internet.
The source code and compiled, executable files are stored on encrypted drives, accessible only from user accounts working on the respective project(s).
Access to all relevant files and the source code in particular, is continuously monitored.
Final, published builds (including the offline help) are peformed after a scrutinity of the source code by one person only.
All executables and the components of the setup package are digitally signed by one person only.
Our Internet server is run, maintained, and used exclusively by us.
The entire software on our Internet server is installed and configured by us.
We invariably press charges against intruders and wipe and reinstall our Internet server subsequently, as unfortunately we have been forced to do, once.
We only employ cookies where absolutely necessary, and currently (July, 2023) none at all.
We do not track, nor collect and/or sell the data of the visitors of our website.

*1 In the context of computers, a wiped computer (or hard disk) refers to a computer from which all software, including the operating system, has been removed.
When we "wipe" our computers, we not only remove the pre-installed operating system by simply formatting the hard disk(s), we also destroy and overwrite the partition table, the master boot record (MBR), the boot sector, and the UEFI, before the hard disk(s) are repartitioned and fully formatted. A thoroughly wiped computer should therefore contain no executable code other than that stored in the firmware and BIOS.

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