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Privacy Policy
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  We are currently (mid to end of June, 2022) in the process of formulating a binding privacy policy (and/or area/page specific privacy policies), but with the exception of our web shop, which will require the placement of cookies for technical reasons, we do not intend to employ cookies or accumulate visitor/user data, other than in cases in which it is imperative for administative, technical, or legal reasons. Currently (prior to our web shop going online), we do not place any cookies on client systems at all.
The summary below is preliminary and was machine generated, but subsequently formatted manually for better legibility and intelligibility (although we believe particularly the latter is still direly lacking). Nontheless, we hope you get the gist of it.
For further information on P3P privacy policies (and their legal implications (if any)) please refer to the Wikipedia, Carnegie Mellon University's and the World Wide Web Consortium's (WWW) P3P privacy policy pages.
Responsible Entity
The address of the entity responsible for this policy is:
Business name: SARL Stoelzel Software Technologie (SST)
Street Address: Rue du Hohweinberg 4
City: Sparsbach
State or Province: Bas-Rhin
Postal Code: 67340
Postal Address Name: France
Email Address:
International Telephone Code: 0033
Local Telephone Area Code: 38889
Telephone Number: 2084

Your access to information about you: We do not keep any information identified with you.

Ways to resolve privacy-related disputes with us include:  

Ways to resolve privacy-related disputes with us include:  

Non Identifiable
We do not keep any information that could be used to identify you personally

SST does not collect data

The ways your information may be used: To perform web site and system administration.

With whom we may share your information: Companies that help us fulfill your requests (for example, shipping a product to you), but these companies must not use your information for any other purpose

How long we may keep your information: We keep your information only long enough to perform the activity for which we collected it.

The data to be transferred or inferred is:
Specific Type of the Data Collected: Dynamic data (i.e. miscellaneous, non-base, data-schema information)
Broad Categories of this Data Type: Which pages you visited on this web site and how long you stayed at each page, messages you send to us or post on this site, such as e-mail, bulletin board postings, or chat room conversations.

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