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  Generally we use the software that best fulfills (and ideally, exceeds) our requirements. In most cases, this is commercial soft­ware, not because we believe that commercial soft­ware is in­variably better than free­ware, but because it is easier to resort to established standards than it is to test and compare innumerable similar applications.
However, standards are not always defined by commercial solutions and it can be well worth­while to follow up a recommendation or give in to curiosity.
We would herewith like to express our gratitude to the following persons, organizations, and companies for making their work available free of charge.
In alphabetical order:
Apache Feather The Apache Software Foundation
For their well known, free, web server and the comprehensive documentation that accompanies it.
Creative Commons Logo Creative Commons Organization
For providing a free, legal framework, without which all but the biggest corporations would find it difficult to formulate internationally accepted copyright texts and license terms.
Firefox Firefox
For the free web browser, that since its first appearance has set standards and is one of the two browsers on which our website looks best.
For a professional 3D, CAD application, that even though still under development is nonetheless usable and does not necessitate an engineering degree (even if it does help).
For providing a true alternative to commercial picture/image editing software.
Microsoft Corp. Microsoft Corporation
For making numerous development tools freely available, including their Developer Studio, HTML Help Workshop (i.e. .CHM Help compiler), and Orca, to name just a few.
Microsoft Corp. Notepad++
For a general purpose editor that leaves very little room for additional features and improvements.
osCommerce osCommerce
For providing the well designed database and easily adaptable user interface of a complete web shop, for free.
Paint.NET Paint.NET
For a beautifully designed and perfectly implemented, pixel graphic, editing program, that is ideal for the numerous, small to medium tasks in everyday work.
Perl Camel Perl
For providing an unorthodox script/programming language (and documentation) that has become an accepted standard in Common Gateway Interface (CGI) implementations.
PHP The PHP Documentation Group
For their comprehensive documentation of PHP.
For the research and other work that went into this in­dis­pen­sable, free, on- and offline reference on (nearly) all topics related to creating a website.
If you understand German or it happens to be available in your language, get it or add it to your favorites.
Stefan Münz & Addison-Wesley Stefan Münz and Addison-Wesley
If you're considering or planning to create (and/or maintain) your own website, we recommend reading "Professionelle Websites" first.
SysInternals SysInternals
(Mark Russinovich & Bryce Cogswell)
For the numerous system information and system monitoring tools that are often enough also more than helpful in development and debugging.
Note, that SysInternals is now a subsidiary of Microsoft Corp. and that requests are redirected to the Microsoft TechNet site.
TeXNicCenter TeXnicCenter
As a visible product of the TeX developer community, for bringing the TeX typesetting system to the Windows (GUI) desktop.
Ulli Meybohm Ulli Meybohm's HTML EDITOR
For his excellent, free HTML Editor Phase 5, actually a full fledged development environment for websites, and still the favorite of our CEO.
Webmin Logo Webmin
Jamie Cameron and all contributors to the abolutely superb, free, Linux server administration suite, consisting of the Webmin, Virtualmin, Usermin, and Cloudmin modules.
Wikipedia Logo Wikipedia
For this indispensable quick reference and source of information on so many subjects, without which working at the computer would require ever so much more effort in finding reliable sources.
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