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  The SST Setup Launcher is the generic name for an application (or more precisely; a series of specialized applications) that initiate(s), secure(s), and control(s) the installation of another product. Typically, this is one of our (other) software applications (often referred to as "apps").
Screen Shots
Setup Launcher Progress Dialog
Fig. and Fig.
The main/progress dialog of the SST Setup Launcher application under Windows 10 and Vista, respectively. But please note, that not only the depicted size, but also the look and feel may deviate from the above, depending on the Windows version and edition under which it is being run.
32- / 64-bit, Windows, Personal Computer (PC) executable.
Key Features
Utilizes exclusively Microsoft® Windows® Installer*1 and Authenticode® (i.e. reliable and proven) technology for the installation.
Enhances/preserves deployment and system security.
Simplifies the installation process for the user.
Supports deployment and installation by means of online, self-extracting, and disk setup packages.
Facilitates / simplifies archiving and (re-)distribution of the software it is intended to install.
Targeted User Group(s)
All users of Microsoft Windows, Personal Computer (PC) operating systems who want / intend to install our products.
Current Product Status
Development of version 1.2 concluded, but various enhancements are either planned or are being considered.
System Requirements
The specific system requirements that must be met to use the Setup Launcher depend on for which systems the products it is intednded to install were developed. However, as most of our applications are backward compatible, this is typically a personal computer system with an Intel or AMD Central Processing Unit (CPU), Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows 98, or any successor of these Windows versions (including 64 bit Windows 10 editions), Microsoft Installer version 1.1 or higher, and adequate, free disk space.
No separate license fees are charged for this product. Its price is included in that of the other product (or products) it installs.
How to Acquire
This application can not be acquired. It is made available to you as part of other, SST products only.
*1 This is the official, Microsoft name of the technology we employ in order to distribute and install most of our own products. However, the name "Microsoft Windows Installer" can easily be misinterpreted as an installation application that installs the operating system Microsoft Windows. In the interest of clarity we have therefore decided to use the term "Microsoft Installer" for this technology instead.

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