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  If you haven't found the applications that can help fulfill some of your software requirements, maybe, its because you haven't considered our solutions yet.
This page lists the software apps currently produced and distributed by SST. However, as we've got numerous applications and development libraries in the pipeline, this list will grow considerably over the next 12 months.
Already Available
ShlWAPIFunctionInfo Version 1.0
A 32-bit, Windows, GUI application and Delphi open source project, developed by SST to research and test which functions are exported by name by the various ShlWAPI.dll versions.
Price: Free (0.00 $/€)
Coming Soon
SST Setup Launcher Setup Launcher Version 1.2
A special, Windows application for the deployment/installation of our Windows applications (i.e. all the other apps listed on this page).
This application does not have a price.
Cuckoo Clock SST Cuckoo Clock Version 1.1
A Windows GUI app and screen saver that simulates a Black Forest cuckoo clock.
Price: Free (0.00 $/€).
LFNAlias Version 1.0
Windows GUI application for converting paths and file names, in the long file name format, to and from the DOS, 8.3, file name format.
Price: Free (0.00 $/€)
ErrorToMessage Version 1.0
A Windows, GUI application for retrieving the explanatory text/message assigned to a numerical error code..
Price: Free (0.00 $/€)

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