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  Even though the frameworks that ship with most software development kits provide more than just a solid basis for the development of complex software, for obvious reasons, they cannot present ready-made solutions for all conceivable applications and problems. It is therefore not uncommon that the application developers themselves have to develop substantial portions of the foundoations for their further, actual work.
Unfortunately, irrespective of whether this is merely comparatively simple, structured code or a complicated, object oriented framework, it is invariably time consuming.
Although, we can no more provide ready-to-use, project specific code than can others, we can make the solutions we have developed for (some) recurrent tasks available to you, thereby simplifying development, saving time, and/or enhancing the functionality of your project(s).
Delphi (Development) Libraries
Free and commercial source code modules, written in Object Pascal and developed for use in Delphi development environments.

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