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Property TSSTAdvancedListView.EditCanUndo
Represents the ability to restore the text, in the in-place edit field of a TListItem, to that prior to the last edit operation.
Public (i.e. this property can be referenced from any code, including that in other units, with access to the TSSTAdvancedListView object of interest).
Property EditCanUndo : BOOLEAN READ RetEditCanUndo;
As a read-only, byte boolean property the property reads True (= 1) if calling EditUndo will restore the text and False (= 0) if not.
Query this property to determine if the text, in an in-place edit control of a TListView can be restored to that prior to the last cut, delete, or paste operation.
The property always reads FALSE, unless an item is being edited in place.
To ascertain if an item is currently being edited, query the EditHandle property or the inherited IsEditing method.
This property is primarily useful in updating the state of menus, buttons, and other controls that users can interact with, in order to trigger actions.
Unit (Declared and implemented in) SSTNewUnit.pas
Library SSTNewUnit.dcu/SSTNewUnit.obj
Unicode Implemented as ANSI version only.
See Also
TSSTAdvancedListView, Properties, RetEditCanUndo, EditClearUndo, EditUndo, CopyEditText, CutEditText, PasteEditText, ClearEditText, ClearEditSel, EditSelectAll, EditHandle.

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