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  The German Masskrug is a mesh model of a German, one liter beer glass filled with a freshly tapped beer, topped by froth.
It can be rendered and used to create computer graphics or a tangible 3-dimensional (3-D) model, using a 3-D printer or other means of computer aided manufacturing (CAM). However, beer glasses not exactly being hard to come by (even original, German ones), it was created primarily with the former in mind and the latter as an abstract option.
Screen Shots
German Masskrug Mesh Model preview image)
Fig. German Masskrug Mesh Model
To scroll through the avaivable images, simply click on the image of the beer glass.
Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML) Version

Videos (Fun Stuff)


Mesh model (sometimes (also, not quite correctly,) referred to as a wire frame model).
Key Features
Simple object(s), ideal for .
Consists of three separate components (glass, beer, and froth), ...
High mesh density (allows creating realistic, high resolution, rendered images and printing 3-D models with a smooth surface)
Includes the sample pictures shown above.
Targeted User Group(s)
Users who create computer graphics and/or videos.
Current Product Status
Development of version 1.0 concluded, but minor improvements to portions of the model are being considered. A sequel to the video(s) is planned (if you've just viewed and/or read all or parts of Videos (Fun Stuff) section, we would like to stress; seriously !).
System Requirements
Rendering or computer aided design (CAD) software, capable of processing (or converting, if necessary) Wavefront object (.obj) and/or STL Mesh (.stl) files.
Computer equipped with a graphics adapter capable of displaying a color depth of 24 bits per pixel (bpp) on an adequately sized screen (a screen with a resolution of at least 1366 x 768 pixels and a 15 inch diagonal is recommended).
A central processing unit (CPU) with multiple cores and/or logical processors, as well as ample main/random access memory (RAM) is highly recommended, particularly if you intend to create high-resolution videos, all the more so, if these include morphed versions of the model(s).
Please note, that it is practically impossible to specify the hardware requirement more precisely, as these depend on for what, and how, you intend to use the model(s). If for example, you merely want to create an icon (e.g. a picture the size of our mesh model icon at the top of the page), and processing times in excess of several minutes for a single, rendered image are not an issue, even 15 year old hardware is probably fully adquate. If, on the other hand you want to create a lengthy, high definition (e.g. HDTV) video clip, in which the model(s) is/are integrated into a complex (virtual) set/scenery, not only the recommended hardware, but a single computer, might prove to be insufficient.
Available Mesh Files and Formats
File Name File Format Num.
SSTMasskrugGlass.obj Wavefront (*.obj) 3161 9417 6234
SSTMasskrugFroth.obj Wavefront (*.obj) 731 2187 1458
SSTMasskrugBeer.obj Wavefront (*.obj) 112 330 220
SSTMasskrugGlass.stl STL Mesh (*.stl) 8714 26148 17432
SSTMasskrugFroth.stl STL Mesh (*.stl) 4313 12933 8622
SSTMasskrugBeer.stl STL Mesh (*.stl) 280 834 556
Rendered Image Resolutions
File Name File Format Screen Resolution
(width x height)
Aspect Ratio
(width : height)
SSTMasskrugFullBeerWithFroth01_512x384.png Portable Network Graphic (*.png) 512 x 384 4:3
SSTMasskrugHalfFullBeer01_512x384.png Portable Network Graphic (*.png) 512 x 384 4:3
SSTMasskrugEmptyFront01_512x384.png Portable Network Graphic (*.png) 512 x 384 4:3
SSTMasskrugEmptyProfile01_512x384.png Portable Network Graphic (*.png) 512 x 384 4:3
SSTMasskrugEmptyTipped01_512x384.png Portable Network Graphic (*.png) 512 x 384 4:3
No license fees are charged for these files. Furthermore, users of this file package are not under any obligation(s) to purchase any other SST or third party products or services (i.e. no hidden and/or implicit costs).
How to Acquire
Anonymous download (i.e. no registration required).


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