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  Harry Spider on the Way to Work Wallpaper

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  Harry Spider, On the Way to Work is a decorative computer desktop backgoound graphic.
Preview Images
Harry Spider, On the Way to Work (approx. 1/4 size preview image) Fig.
Harry Spider, On the Way to Work (27% of true size).
Click image to enlarge.
Fullscreen Preview
As even the large preview image may not give a true impression of the brightness, contrast, and colors of the full sized picture, we have implemented a full screen preview. Unfortunately, not all browsers have a mode in which a single page can take on the size of the entire screen. But, if your browser's window can be resized to a size close to that of the entire screen and you have a comparatively fast internet connection, you can view the Portable Network Graphic (*.png) version of the actual picture without having to donwload the archive file first.
Background picture for computer screens (aka wallpaper).
Key Features
Classic, poster design.
Desktop icons remain easily identifiable in spite of the background image.
Targeted User Group(s)
Users who prefer a quiet, organized desktop and background and like hairy critters.
Current Product Status
Development concluded. The Harry Spider on the Way to Work Wallpaper is available in form of a download package containing all screen resolutions/files listed under Available Screen Resolutions and File Formats, below.
System Requirements
Computer or compatible device (e.g. digital television), capable of displaying Portable Network Graphics (.png) and/or Joint Photographic Experts Group (.jpg) pictures with a color depth of at least 16 bpp (24 bpp recommended).
Available Screen Resolutions and File Formats
File Name File Format Screen Resolution
(width x height)
Aspect Ration
(width : height)
SSTHarrySpiderOnTheWayToWork1366x768.png Portable Network Graphic (*.png) 1366 x 768 16:9
SSTHarrySpiderOnTheWayToWork1680x945.png Portable Network Graphic (*.png) 1680 x 945 16:9
SSTHarrySpiderOnTheWayToWork1920x1080.png Portable Network Graphic (*.png) 1920 x 1080 16:9
SSTOutOfTheBlueWallpaper1366x768.jpg JPEG image (*.jpg) 1366 x 768 16:9
SSTOutOfTheBlueWallpaper1680x945.jpg JPEG image (*.jpg) 1680 x 945 16:9
SSTHarrySpiderOnTheWayToWork1920x1080.jpg JPEG image (*.jpg) 1920 x 1080 16:9
No license fees are charged for this picture. Furthermore, users of this picture are not under any obligation(s) to purchase any other SST or third party products or services (i.e. no hidden and/or implicit costs).
How to Acquire
Anonymous download (i.e. no registration required).
To download the Harry Spider on the Way to Work wallpaper(s) and/or for details on the download package's contents and digital signature please refer to the Download and Digital Signature Details page (recommended). However, this and/or other wallpapers can also be downloaded directly on the Wallpaper Downloads page.


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