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Download and Digital Signature Details
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  Uncertain whether or not to trust and download/open this file ?
We hope the information on this page is helpful in making that decision. It provides information that identify the file, its manufacturer/author(s), and signatories.
Typically, this information can also be retrieved and viewed by means of opening the file's "properties" dialog/window. Thus, the information on this page can be used to determine if the correct/desired file was downloaded (after all, its conceivable that we've made a mistake), the download completed successfully (i.e. the entire file was downloaded), and that the integrity of the file was preserved, prior to, and during network transimission (i.e. the file's contents are still intact).
Product name: Out of the Blue Wallpaper
Product version: 1.0
Language: English.
Manufacturer: SARL Stoelzel Software Technoligie (SST).
File name:
File type: Signed, cabinet archive (Lempel-Ziv compressed file).
File version: 1.0
File Size: 677 KB (693 257 bytes).
Date last modified: May 24, 2022, 21:20:15 (UTC *1).
System requirements:
1. An operating system or application capable of extracting files from a Lempel-Ziv (LZ) compressed cabinet archive (.cab) file.
2. A shell that supports displaying Portable Network Graphics (*.png) and/or JPEG images.
Price: No license fees are charged for this product. Furthermore, users of these pictures are not under any obligation(s) to purchase any other SST or third party products or services (i.e. no hidden and/or implicit costs), nor is it necessary to relinquish/provide personal data.

Cabinet (*.cab) Archive File Contents
The Out of the Blue cabinet archive file ( contains the desktop background image (aka "wallpaper") depicted on the Details Page, a "Readme" file, and the license terms, both in Unicode text format (Readme.txt and License.txt respectively).
The wallpaper file is available in 3 different sizes and two file formats. The available sizes correspond to the 3 currently most common computer screen resolutions. The latter part of each file name is the screen resolution (in pixel) the respective file was optimized for (e.g. a file named SSTOutOfTheBlueWallpaper1366x768 was optimized for a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixel).
Although all files have a color depth of 24 bits per pixel (16.7 million colors), and in theory the file format should not make any significant difference, we recommend testing both file types and selecting the one that looks "better" on your monitor/screen. The complete list of files in the archive is given by the table below.
File Name Format Screen Resolution
(width x height)
File Size
Readme.txt Unicode text does not apply 6.44 KB
License.txt Unicode text does not apply 36.0 KB
SSTOutOfTheBlueWallpaper1366x768.png Portable Network Graphic (*.png) 1366 x 768 132 KB
SSTOutOfTheBlueWallpaper1680x945.png Portable Network Graphic (*.png) 1680 x 945 187 KB
SSTOutOfTheBlueWallpaper1920x1080.png Portable Network Graphic (*.png) 1920 x 1080 226 KB
SSTOutOfTheBlueWallpaper1366x768.jpg JPEG image (*.jpg) 1366 x 768 53.3 KB
SSTOutOfTheBlueWallpaper1680x945.jpg JPEG image (*.jpg) 1680 x 945 75.5 KB
SSTOutOfTheBlueWallpaper1920x1080.jpg JPEG image (*.jpg) 1920 x 1080 92.9 KB
Cabinet Archive File Summary
Total number of Unicode text files in archive: 2
Total number of wallpaper files in archive: 6 (3 PNG and 3 JPEG)
Total number of files in archive: 8
Size of cabinet archive file: 677 KB (693 257 bytes)

Archive Integrity and System Security
To prevent compromising the security of your system this cabinet archive bears our digital signature. The digital signature ensures that the archive file was created by SST and its contents have not been altered since it was signed.
Although digital signatures cannot prevent the unintentional or intentional corruption of signed files, they are an effective safeguard against the corruption remaining undetected, in that the authenticity and integrity of a file can be easily determined by operating system or third party software, or if need be, manually. The information below is provided for the latter of these cases.
Signature type/version: V2 (Authenticode, Version 2.0).
Name of signatory/signing entity: Stoelzel Software Technoligie (SST).
E-mail: (no e-mail address specified).
Date and time signed: May 24, 2022, 21:20:15 (UTC *1).
Certificate issuer: Stoelzel Software Technoligie (SST).
Certificate serial number: 1b e2 e5 7d 8f c5 47 9d 44 d8 9e 0a ec 06 7b fe.
Digest algorithm: SHA1 (secure hash algorithm 1).
Digest encryption algorithm: RSA.
Message digest: 04 14 a6 d0 a6 15 c7 2f c9 84 08 02 1b f1 50 af db c6 47 2a ed 55
Certificate version: V3.
Valid from: Tuesday, May 24, 2022 20:18:29 (UTC *1).
Valid to: Saturday, December 31, 2039 23:59:59 (UTC *1)
Public Key: RSA, 2048 bit (256 byte) *2.
30 82 01 0A 02 82 01 01 00 D6 9F 98 4A B4 21 2D
EC 09 4D 54 58 F6 B6 79 1F 6A 21 FC 71 0F 6D 10
D5 97 8F 00 16 A4 5F C8 4B 29 5B 08 FD 90 2A 51
85 4B 89 F6 B8 38 C4 2F 3B 4C BA 7E 68 E8 F9 D0
66 2B FE 24 47 D0 D7 7D 4C 0A 54 B1 BB 50 A5 65
00 81 31 72 81 77 5D D9 E7 FC D4 03 B4 46 E4 9C
A9 EE 4F 62 10 FE 45 4F 2A C1 73 15 12 79 83 FA
4C 5C 6A 9B 7A 3E 3C F7 68 CD 50 AE 9A 3D B7 1F
4B 25 7D 91 01 8B 3B 7A 4C 29 43 48 A4 E7 D2 72
8C 96 FD 42 0C FF AF 03 8B A1 84 B3 3B 1A ED 21
5E 7D 0B A1 15 22 15 3E 2B D1 AF EA AC ED 55 B1
CC D6 C0 20 C3 79 30 BC 62 E6 04 5E A3 A1 A6 2A
53 21 DD 39 70 45 52 7A F0 8E 14 B3 B8 DF 6F 0A
20 63 37 4D 0B 3E 5B DA 07 FA 5F 08 67 63 5F 2C
71 F4 D7 F2 F4 75 AF 74 93 2D BB 03 E6 12 AD D9
9E 6F 87 E1 65 EF E3 3C 69 AE 59 EE C2 C6 42 14
7E 82 A1 4D 7B 4D E6 46 AD 02 03 01 00 01
Key usage: Digital Signature (80).
Thumbprint algorithm: sha1
Thumbprint: 72 40 E9 7E FF 49 07 16 E0 EB 58 99 B2 B5 AB D9 B7 55 87 3B
To download and/or open (depending on your browser settings) the file described above click the Download button.
*1 UTC is the abbreviation for Universal Time Coordinated (aka Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)). Your application may show this date and time converted into your local date and time. In this case, you have to add/subtract the number of hours you're ahead or behind of Greenwich time, to compare it to the dates and times specified on this page.
*2 Because the public key is encoded, the number of listed bytes may differ from that of the actual key length.

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