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  The diverse nature/type of software SST has developed to date, including both, the software we have developed for our customers, and our own, has necessitated the employment of numerous software development standards and technologies. These being, amongst those taken for granted, such as the libraries, classes, and functions native to various programming languages and software development kits:
Microsoft 16 - 32 bit Thunking,
Microsoft GDI (Graphic Device Interface),
Microsoft GUI (Graphic User Interface),
Microsoft Windows Themes API,
Microsoft FileIO API,
Microsoft Services API,
Microsoft System Management API(s)/Interfaces,
Microsoft Debug API (Debugging interface),
Microsoft ODBC, DAO, etc.,
Borland DBI,
Microsoft Low- and high-level security API(s),
Microsoft Cryptography API,
Microsoft Screen-saver API,
Microsoft Shell-extensions (COM-based, such as property-sheet handlers)
Microsoft Multimedia API,
Microsoft Setup/Installation API(s) ("MSI" and "Setup API"),
Microsoft Licensing API,
LANManager API-standard,
Microsoft Winsock (Windows sockets (e.g. "Internet"),
Microsoft Network Management API,
Microsoft IPC (Inter-process communications) API (e.g. "Pipes"),
Microsoft ISAPI (Internet Server Application Programming Interface),
(ISO) X-500 Standard
(W3C) LDAP Standard

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