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  Special application for determining which documented/known, Windows ShlWAPI functions are exported by a particular ShlWAPI.dll version.
Screen Shot
ShlWAPIFunctionInfo Main Window
Fig. and Fig. (3/4 and full size, respectively)
The main window of the SST ShlWAPIFunctionInfo application under Windows Vista.
32-bit, Windows executable and Delphi, open source project.
Key Features
Tests any dynamic link library for individual or all of the listed functions
Output can be saved as a plain text table or comma separated textt (.csv)
New function names can be easily added at runtime
Text search functionality
Comes with the source code
Can be easily modified and used as a template for similar applications
Targeted User Group(s)
Delphi (Object Pascal), application developers and Windows system administrators/troubleshooters.
Current Product Status
Development of version 1.0 concluded, no further versions currently planned. Source code available as text (see Source Code). Release in installable form pending completion of setup package(s), user guide, and developer reference, projected for December 2021 or early 2022.
System Requirements
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 with IE 4.0 or later, Windows 95 with IE 4.0 or later, or any successor of these Windows versions (including 64 bit Windows 10 editions), Borland Delphi 5 or later, Microsoft SDK Help and/or Internet access,Microsoft Installer version 1.1 or higher, 136 KB of free disk space.
No license fees are charged for this product. Furthermore, users of this software are not under any obligation(s) to purchase any other SST or third party products or services (i.e. no hidden and/or implicit costs).
How to Acquire
Download and compile source code (which click here to see).

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