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  On this page you cam view and/or copy/download the entire source code of SST ShlWAPI.pas Version 1.08.
As ShlWAPI.pas is an import library that uses only three, standard, Delphi units, it does not require a separate Delphi project. Its constants, types, and functions, including the ported macros, can be used, simply by copying it to a folder listed in the paths searched by your development environment/compiler (e.g. "$(Delphi)\Source\Rtl\Win" *1 or even better "$(Delphi)\Extras\SST" *1 and adding it to the uses clause in your Delphi source code. Nonetheless, a setup package that installs and removes the file in an orderly fashion will be made available in the (near) future.

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*1 "$(Delphi)" (without the quotation marks) being herein the fully qualified path to the root of your Delphi software development kit (SDK) installation.

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