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Product Overview
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  ShlWAPI.pas is the SST, Delphi 5 (and later) implementation of a Windows Application Programming Interface (API) import unit/library.
Delphi 5+, Windows API import library.
Key Features
Imports more than 350 *1, useful, Windows, utility functions
Backward compatible implemetation
Comes with the source code
Independent documentation
Targeted User Group(s)
Delphi (Object Pascal), Windows application developers.
Current Product Status
Development of version 1.08 concluded. Overall development continued as required by new ShlWAPI.dll versions. Source code available as text (see Source Code.). Release in installable form pending completion of setup packages and user guide, projected for September/October 2018.
System Requirements
Borland/Embarcadero Delphi 5 or later, Microsoft SDK Help and/or Internet access, Microsoft Installer version 1.1 or later, 1.4 MB of free disk space.
No license fees are charged for this product. Furthermore, users of this software are not under any obligation(s) to purchase any other SST or third party products or services (i.e. no hidden and/or implicit costs).
How to Acquire
Download source code.
*1 This is the approximate, number of documented and known functions, that are exported by name or known/confirmed ordinal. The actual number of exported functions, including the numerous, undocumented, and wrapper functions depends on the ShlWAPI.dll version, but exceeds 700 in nearly all versions.

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