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  Want to inform yourself about how to install, use, and/or modify the (SST) ShlWAPI library and its source code ?
Setup Guide Setup Guide
A guide on how to install and remove ShlWAPI.pas.
Apart from the installation instructions and a description of the available setup package(s), this includes information on the modifications made to your system during installation.
User Guide User Guide
A guide that describes how to incorporate the SST ShlWAPI library into your project(s) and configure or modify it to meet specific require­ments.
Developer Reference Developer Reference
The latest versions of the documents that describe the classes, functions, and other code constiturents that are declared in, and/or imported by, ShlWAPI.pas Version 1.08.
Code Samples Code Samples
An open source application that exemplifies the use of some of the ShlWAPI.dll's functions.

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