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  As the first of our products were only published (very) recently, no updates are available for them yet. This gives us the opportunity to explain our present philosophy regarding, bug-fixes, patches, and updates.
Bug fixes, Patches, and Updates
To start with we would like to clarify what we mean by bug fixes, patches, and updates. Although technically, all are updates and we will refer to them as such, we will also differentiate between the three.
For example, a single menu item (alt. one or two menu items) in an SST application that doesn't (alt. don't) function correctly (or at all) (under all circumstances), would be corrected by a bug-fix.
Updates (,traditionally (alt. typically),) would (alt. will) go even one (alt. a) step further, in that they do (not only (alt. also)) correct minor conceptional errors, such as ... ... and (alt. but also)introduce (minor) improvements (alt. features) initially envisaged(,) but not implemented.
In other words, the severity and number of errors being corrected determines whether the update is referred to as a bug-fix, patch, (or) update (,or service pack).
Publication and Release (Prelim title and text !!!)
Even though faultless code (alt. products) has (alt. have) yet to be written (alt. developed), and we won't claim that ours is (are), it is our goal (alt. aspiration) to publish (alt. release) only products (alt. those) that have been extensively tested and were in use by us (for a considerable period of time).
Thus, bug-fixes, patches, and updates that remedy erros, should remain the exception and updates (alt. such) that enhance the features and functionality of the respective product, be the rule. This is an important consideration in light of the following.
Automatic Updates
Currently (1st half, 2022), our applications (alt.) are not equipped (alt. ship) with (alt. contain) code (alt. functionality) that automatically check(s) for and install(s) (available) updates.
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