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  SST provides consultant services in the original sense of the word. These can, but must not necessarily, be supplemented by the provision of subsidiary services, including, of course, development.
In years of experience as freelancers we have found that there is considerable potential for optimization in the management of software development, especially with respect to strategy and policy. The reasons for this have to be sought in the fact that the management level that makes economic and budgetary decisions, is rarely fully aware of the details of the software development process and persons in charge of development rarely see all the latent possibilities of cost and time saving measures. This frequently leads to a certain degree of inefficiency, a waste of man-power, and possibly cost and time overruns, all of which may lead to the failure of a product and a loss of image.
SST can provide valuable advice to management and, in cooperation with in-house forces, analyze and develop strategies, policies, and guidelines, aid in defining the required capabilities of resources (both human and non-human), and support development through the provision of feasibility studies, (software) engineering, prototyping, programming, and coaching.

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