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  The increasing proliferation of computers and computerized systems, shorter development cycles, and an increase in the demanded level of interoperability of these systems, has not only increased the complexity of the hardware and the systems as such, but also that of the software. This, naturally, directly and significantly influences software development.
Primarily this influence stems from the fact that an increase in functionality invariably entails an increase of the source code that constitutes the software, and the interoperability of software based systems may require adhering to differing, if not diverging, hard- and software standards, which increases the source code's complexity considerably. Both factors conflict with rapid development, stability, and maintainability.
Although the attempt to resolve these problems by means of a brute force approach, in the form of proprietary solutions, attained through the massive employment of man power, can produce satisfactory results with respect to the demand for rapid development, this can only be achieved at the expense of maintainability and stability, while at the same time it is likely to increase the overhead of project, personnel, and code management.
As products with any but the shortest of life spans are likely to require a revision at some point, the previously outlined approach cannot be regarded as efficient, whereas standardizing, classifying, and modularizing recurrent tasks, problems, and code, or in somewhat simpler terms; applying engineering techniques to software development, will lead to the necessary compromises.
SST has ample experience in designing and developing object classes, software libraries, and modules, as to be able to either provide the required software design directly or assist in engineering solutions tailored to the requirements of the customer.

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