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  In the course of our work we are frequently confronted with the same hard- and software problems, as are other users. (more ...).
The links to the documents that describe the solutions we have devised (and adopted), for some of the more common and recent problems, are listed below.
All propagated solutions have worked on our systems, at least several times, without any detrimental effects on either hard- and/or (other) software. Nontheless, we recommend to employ "official" remedies, where available and possible.
Trick How to Install WinHlp32 under Windows 10
Describes how to create a functional, legacy, Windows Help (WinHlp32.exe) system under 64-bit, Windows 10 versions.
Tip How to Install Windows 10 Pro(fessional)
Describes how to replace a pre-installed, 64-bit, Windows 10 version through another edition in a different language and/or with a different product key.
Trick How to Remove Windows from a (U)EFI Computer
Describes how to reliably remove all traces of a Windows 7, 8, or 10 installation from a computer with a (Unified) Extensible Firmware Interface ((U)EFI).

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